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You’re not looking for the limelight. You eat carbs. You could care less about the Joneses. Its the quiet accomplishments that fuel you. The lofty promises you keep to yourself and follow through with. The silent commitment to make a lifelong impact even when countless emails await your response or when you’re feeling on the brink of insanity with your over-scheduled work calendar. And while every magazine headline unfailingly raises self-doubt, you confidently march towards fulfillment.

It’s during the serene, peaceful moments as your eyes adjust to the golden rays of the rising sun when you feel the aching pull to be part of something bigger. The powerful yet subtle sign that you’re dancing on the edge of something meaningful.

Together we benefit from the power of being part of a tenacious community of strong women who lift each other up. We create our own meaning with every banana leaf we weave and every sisal leaf we dye. We are defined by each laugh shared, by our unwavering dedication to hard work and by every design we make by hand. We have found a greater purpose from the art we create for women around the world.

Your path towards finding fulfillment may be as simple as seeing a bright smile on the face of someone you’ve never met.

Or it may lead you to doing something to support the beliefs that matter most.


About Songa

Wearing your values: A global community of extraordinary women who create captivating, handmade designs.

Songa Designs International is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that celebrates the empowerment of women around the world. It is typical for many women in developing countries to depend solely on their husbands for financial needs, but Songa Designs is changing this dynamic. By working for this company talented women in under-resourced countries have the opportunity to achieve economic independence by using skills acquired through everyday life to make a living. Songa Designs provides jobs for these women who negotiate their own salaries and earn fair wages.

Trained by generations of local cultural tradition, the skilled artisans of Songa Designs in Rwanda in East Africa craft stylish, high quality accessories inspired by nature. Each handmade piece, made of natural materials such as banana leaf fiber, sisal plant, pewter, re-purposed cow horn, paper beads and more, is as unique as the artisan who created it.

Defined as “the path forward” in Swahili, Songa Designs is synonymous with the journey towards economic empowerment for women in developing countries.